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It's all about giving..

 A little about the  idea behind Palbox, how it works, and the organization behind it... 

The makings of Palbox

Palbox is about the best that Palestine has to offer. Palestine is known for some of the finest olive oil in the Middle East, some of it from trees more than a millennium old. Its wild gathered herbs have a mild but savory flavor that is unmatched elsewhere. It is home to some of the oldest soap factories in the world still producing olive oil soaps.

Palestine also has artists in music and the visual arts that speak to everyone who loves both traditional and popular culture and which can travel electronically to Palbox subscribers across the blockade imposed by Israeli authorities.

Palbox is most of all an act of solidarity with Palestinians. The proceeds from the sale of Palbox products go to the Northern California chapter of the International Solidarity Movement, which supports Palestinian nonviolent resistance against Israeli occupation, destruction and confiscation of Palestinian land and property and violation of Palestinian human rights.

Palbox is about world class Palestinian practitioners and teachers of Arabic calligraphy, from whom artist Katie Miranda learned her art while serving as a volunteer in the International Solidarity Movement, and which she reproduces for Palbox on sterling silver with semi-precious stones.

Palbox is a fundraising project of the International Solidarity Movement - Northern California, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution, EIN 20-5516191.

Some of the Palbox products are also sold separately at the ISM-NorCal website, , where you will also learn about the activities of the group, and where you can become a volunteer in the movement. The main site of the International solidarity Movement is . You, too can be a part of Palestine solidarity through Palbox, while enjoying a piece of Palestine.