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750 ml of Palestinian Olive Oil (AL'ARD)

Full-flavored, cold pressed, extra virgin, and Fair Trade, too. Simply the best that Palestine has to offer. Palestinian families give names to their trees and treat them like family members that are sometimes more than a millennium old.

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Palestinian Mejdool Dates

Discover the rich agricultural heritage of Palestine through our Medjool dates. Harvested from farms in the West Bank, Jericho, these dried dates offer more than just a delightful snack—they provide a taste of the region's unique terroir. Known for their large size and versatility, these dates can be enjoyed as a convenient on-the-go option or incorporated into various culinary creations. From stuffing them with nuts or cheese to adding a natural sweetness to your smoothies, Palestinian Medjool Dates offer a delicious connection to the land and its flavors.


Almond Pesto

Almond Pesto is made with Almonds, exceptional heirloom Palestinian almonds. These almonds are grown organically, watered by rain only and carefully hand picked by family owned and operated farms.

The basil is freshly picked from Canaan Farm, a branch of Canaan servicing the local Palestinian community with a fresh organic vegetable delivery service while expanding the knowledge of organic farming to vegetable farmers throughout Palestine.

Ingredients: organic basil, organic almonds, organic olive oil, organic lemon juice, Dead Sea salt

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Palestinian Sumac 

Sumac, a native spice from the Palestinian hills, is sourced from the dried berries of the sumac bush. Rich in antioxidants, research highlights its health benefits, including antimicrobial and anticancer properties. Harvested by local farmers in small villages, the sumac undergoes a meticulous process—sun-dried, carefully selected, cleaned, and ground, resulting in a natural spice without preservatives. Its deep red color and sharp, acidic taste make it a popular addition to rice, vegetables, and meat dishes. Used in traditional Palestinian recipes like Fattoush and Musakhan, sumac imparts a fresh, citrusy flavor, representing a culinary tradition deeply rooted in the region.

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Handmade Nablus Olive Oil Soap

Nablus soap continues a soap tradition dating back 4500 years to ancient Syria and Iraq: a hot-cooked soap made solely from olive oil. Nablus soap is made from three ingredients - olive oil, water, and lye. It is soaked and cooked slowly in a cauldron for several days until all the lye is removed, then cooled on a stone floor and cured in chimney-shaped towers for up to 8 months to create a hard, long-lasting, and pure bar of soap. Healthy for the skin, and famous for the purity of its olive oil, Nablus soap is also often considered by those who've used it to be the best soap in the world. This is a 100% natural made with no artificial color or perfumes

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Gazan Artist Aya Zaqout Postcard

"Life After Fear"

The inclusion of butterflies in artwork typically symbolizes passion and a mix of emotions that follow a period of constant fear and anxiety. In this piece, the woman depicted experiences these diverse and beautiful feelings. Dated 16/6/2023.

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