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What's Inside?

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750 ml of Palestinian Olive Oil ( ALARD)

Full-flavored, cold pressed, extra virgin, and Fair Trade, too. Simply the best that Palestine has to offer. Palestinian families give names to their trees and treat them like family members that are sometimes more than a millennium old.



Za’atar is Palestine’s most beloved spice mix. Our Palestine  Za’atar is curated with a mix of thyme, sesame, and sumac  which make it a staple in every home. Mixed and packaged  in Bethlehem by a small women-led business, this package  supports Palestinian women entrepreuners.  Za’atar has become a culinary sensation due to its intense  herb flavour and tangy zing. Long a staple of Palestinian  cooking and street food, za’atar is made with wild thyme and  sumac mixed with roasted sesame seeds and salt. Add za’atar  to make instant salad dressings and marinades, garnish on  dips and soups, sprinkle on breads and pizza, rub on chicken  and meat for BBQ – virtually anything – or simply with olive oil  for dipping. Zesty, delicious and nutritious 



Tree of Life Necklace

Local to Bethlehem, Palestine, these Tree of Life necklaces  are handmade to symbolize the Palestinian resilience. Due to  its own resilience to poor weather conditions and its ability to  live with little water, the olive tree bears many similarities to  the Palestinian people and their stand against the occupation  of their land. This necklace is made with sterling silver and is  made to last just as the People of Palestine 


Reclaimed “Visit Palestine” Poster

This poster was originally created by Franz Krausz in 1936 as part of a commission by the Tourist Development Association of Palestine as a strategy to encourage Jewish immigration into Palestine. After a series of reprints the print took on a life of its own amongst Palestinians when it became popular in the 90s in the wake of Oslo. 

Today, you're likely to see this original print in the homes of Palestinians all over. 

You'll likely even find an adapted version including the Apartheid Wall blocking off Jerusalem as an ironic twist to the travel poster.


Nablus Soap


The 1000+ year old soap making industry from Nablus crafts the soap using the same manufacturing process for the last two centuries: cooking, pouring/laying, cutting, stamping, drying, and packaging.

There are three ingredients in the soap: virgin olive oil, water, and lye which is cooked for three days until a thick mixture forms.  


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We can't send you the beautiful stone  work for which Palestine is famous, or the magnificent architecture, much of it now destroyed. But we can send you other bits and pieces of the rich tapestry that Palestinian culture has produced over the past four millennia. Palestinians love to share.

And you will be sharing, too, in the preservation of the Palestinian presence, society and culture in Palestine. P