What's Inside?

 See what's inside this quarter's Palbox 

750 ml of Palestinian Olive Oil

Full-flavored, USDA certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgin, and Fair Trade, too. Simply the best that Palestine has to offer. Palestinian families give names to their trees and treat them like family members that are sometimes more than a millennium old.


Palestinian Honey

 Cultivated by women's cooperatives in the West Bank and produced by MA'AN Development Association. MA’AN believes women should play a central leadership role in Palestinian society so they work to empower women as agents of change and to increase their participation as leaders and wage earners at household, community and national levels. 


Patience and Gratitude earrings

 Designed by Palbox founder, Katie Miranda Al Ali, these earrings say sabr and shukr which mean "patience" and gratitude" in Arabic. They are accented by lapis lazuli and pearl beads. 


Olive Wood Honey Dipper

This honey dipper made by Bethlehem Star Olivewood factory is beautifully crafted and sanded with a mineral oil finish. A perfect combination with your Palestinian honey!


Bath Salts

Extracted from the Palestinian shores of the Dead Sea so that you can enjoy the healing waters at home. Nutrients and minerals help reset your skin’s inner balance, ease muscle tension and ensure every bath leaves you feeling refreshed with incredibly soft skin.


Need more reasons to sign up?


We can't send you the beautiful stone  work for which Palestine is famous, or the magnificent architecture, much of it now destroyed. But we can send you other bits and pieces of the rich tapestry that Palestinian culture has produced over the past four millennia. Palestinians love to share.

And you will be sharing, too, in the preservation of the Palestinian presence, society and culture in Palestine. Part of the proceeds from every purchase goes to the nonviolent resistance efforts of the International Solidarity Movement, through its Northern California chapter, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with tax exempt status for human rights work.

There have been thousands of ISM volunteers resisting Israeli occupation, repression and violation of Palestinian human rights, under the leadership of Palestinian communities with whom they participate. Your Palbox subscriptions help to enable that resistance and the volunteers who go to Palestine to participate in it.